What is transparency?

Transparency means that it is possible to access and exchange information that must be public.

Why is transparency necessary? What does a city get out of it?

Transparency is one of the indicators helping investors to decide in which cities they would like to invest.

Moreover, every citizen has the right to know what is going on in the city, and transparency is the first step towards open communication with the community.

Is a transparent city corruption-free?

Not necessarily, but transparency is one of the factors helping to reduce the level of corruption. When all information is made public, it becomes more difficult to use various schemes.

This also makes monitoring and oversight of authorities easier.

My city has a good score in the Ranking, but there are actually many problems. Why does this happen?

The Transparency Ranking of Ukrainian Cities measures the availability of this or that information on the city council websites. For instance, it verifies the availability of reports by municipal enterprises, but not the quality of their work.

We are currently developing the City Accountability Ranking, which will allow assessing the real compliance with transparency guidelines in practice.

I don’t agree with my city’s rank. What can I do?

Please write to transparentcities@ti-ukraine.org and we will send you the feedback form

Where do you get information for your rankings?

According to the Methodology, the following sources are used as the basis for the assessment:

- The analytical conclusion of the research team

- Verification for compliance with standards according to the Cabinet of Ministers Directive No. 835

- Website analysis

- Response to the information request

- Internet statistics

- Citizen complaints, court decisions, information in reputable media, public information available in open databases and reports of civil society organizations

Some of the indicators are not required by the effective Ukrainian legislation. Why should they be implemented then?

The Transparency Ranking of Ukrainian Cities aims at promotion of best international practices that can best ensure transparency.

How did you select the cities to be included in the Ranking?

We studied 100 biggest Ukrainian cities by population. If your city or town is not on the list, you can assess it by yourself. We are also planning to create a UTC Transparency Ranking.

My city is not included in the Ranking. How can I fix it?

Our methodology allows cities to carry out the evaluation independently. You can download the methodology in the respective section and assessyour city on a scale from 1 to 100. Send us results on transparentcities@ti-ukraine.org. Our analysts verify information that citizens send us and provide the final assessment.

I want to organize a presentation of the Ranking in my city. How do I do it?

On the Events page, you can find all the scheduled events in Ukraine. If your city or region is not on the list, contact us in any convenient way and we will try to find a solution together.