How Should City Council Communicate with Its People?

How Should City Council Communicate with Its People?

Today, almost every city council has a social media page. However, most of them, unfortunately, make typical mistakes in their communication. Messages from city councils are often either filled with words incomprehensible to ordinary residents, or do not carry useful information.
We have collected 5 tips on how to make the city council page interesting and useful

Be brief and focused.
Provide brief, concise information that will be actually useful. Don't overload your reader with information and dont turn your page into a source of spam. 

No official language.
Leave bureaucratic phrasing in paperwork where it belongs. Talk to your residents in a simple language. For instance, imagine that you are telling your friend about the city council session. 

Nothing but truth.
Do not spread unverified information and do not exaggerate the success of the authorities. Residents perceive you as a trusted source of information. If you are caught lying even once, it will not be easy to restore your reputation.

Avoid political campaigning.
If you want city residents to trust the city council page, be impartial. Write about the city councils victories without focusing on specific people. If the mayor and city officials want to share their own victories, they can use personal pages in social networks.

Create your own style.
If you use the same colors and fonts in all your publications, readers will easily recognize you in the news feed. The page of the council will then look complete and pleasant to the eye.

Remember these simple rules and take care of your audience.