General information

Transparent Cities are cities where the citizens know how the budget is spent; cities where you can register your child in a kindergarten online; cities where people can watch city council meetings online and attend them freely; cities where criteria of selection of local officials are clear and available to people. These are cities where the rules are open and transparent for investors and entrepreneurs. These are cities that are comfortable and friendly to their citizens.

Transparent Cities are cities of happy people.


Transparent Cities is a program of Transparency International Ukraine that aims to motivate Ukrainian cities to become more transparent, accountable and interested in progress.


We have created the Transparency Ranking of 100 Biggest Ukrainian Cities using a number of indicators to compare municipalities: openness of information on the work of local authorities, public engagement in the decision-making process, investment sector transparency, budgeting, procurement, etc.


The results of the ranking serve as the basis for city improvement: we organize seminars in the regions of Ukraine to disseminate best practices; we arrange partner exchange of experience among public officials; we conduct workshops for local activists to provide them with more options to monitor municipal activity.


We believe that by disclosing information that citizens need in an understandable form and by providing them with tools of actual influence and participation in decision-making, corruption on the local level can be overcome.