Accountability Ranking of 50 Ukrainian Cities

The Accountability Ranking of Ukrainian Cities shows how the obligations of local authorities declared in regulatory acts and public communication are reflected in the practice and real experience of the community. The accountability assessment methodology has been created and tested as part of the pilot study of 10 Ukrainian cities in cooperation with the CSOs Center for Public Monitoring and Research and Public Control.


The Ranking covers 50 Ukrainian cities, where 5 are the leaders of Transparency Ranking, and the other 45 are selected by population*.


* Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk have not been included in the ranking, because the powers of local authorities in these cities have been delegated to military-civil administrations. Accountability indicators have been developed to assess the performance of elected city councils and their agencies; therefore, the data for these cities cannot currently be assessed for the purposes of the ranking. Instead, the ranking includes Nizhyn (the next largest city) and Rubizhne (to represent Luhansk oblast in the Ranking).