General information

Our Goal

Reduce the level of corruption in local authorities by increasing transparency and accountability under control of a competent community and business.

Our Activities

Local government transparency.

  • We develop the Transparency Ranking of 100 Largest Ukrainian Cities. Every year, we analyze the openness of city councils through 86 indicators in 14 areas. We provide recommendations to improve the situation and to implement the best practices of transparency.

Institutional capacity of city councils.

  • We offer ready-to-use solutions to increase the level of transparency and accountability and provide support to cities as they change. We have developed a handbook of good practices of municipal transparency and regularly update it.

Development of local initiatives.

  • We teach activists to promote change and provide them with tools to ensure transparency and oversight of local authorities' activities.

Engagement of an active and competent community.

  • We conduct thematic educational events for activists, creating a network of strong competent change-makers who can participate in policy development and implementation. We promote transparency among the public.

Reducing corruption risks in business activities.

  • We measure transparency of the investment sector and advocate change to city councils. We also conduct workshops for entrepreneurs.

Education on transparency.

  • We conduct informal training on transparency and accountability for local authorities, activists, and business representatives.

Analytical work.

  • We perform high-quality analysis of the situation with transparency and accountability in Ukrainian cities.