30 March 2023, 13:02
Studying How of Toponyms Are Renamed in Support of Ukraine

The Transparent Cities program of Transparency International Ukraine has been studying the features of the derussification and decommunization processes since the beginning of the war. In this study, we analyzed the experience of partner countries in renaming streets, boulevards, squares, as well as parks and alleys in support of Ukraine.

According to the results of the study, as of March 2023, 21 toponyms abroad were assigned names related to Ukraine.

19 cities from 14 European countries joined the initiative, as well as 1 city from the United States and Australia. The process was supported most in Poland and Germany.

Of the 21 renamed toponyms, 12 are located near the diplomatic representatives offices of russia.

Our partners thematically give names that glorify Ukrainian heroes and defenders, commemorate the memory of the victims of russian aggression, and honor Ukraine, its sovereignty, and independence.

Earlier, we published the results of the study on the derussification and decommunization of toponyms in Ukraine.

More can be found at the link.