The 2017-2020 ranking database

The transparency ranking database contains the results of the annual ranking of 100 city councils of the largest cities of Ukraine by population.


In 2017 and 2018, the work of local self-government bodies was assessed in 13 spheres: “Information of the work of local authorities”; “Access and participation”; “Procurement”; “Housing policy”; “Financial assistance and grants”; “Social services”; “HR issues”; “Anti-corruption policy and professional ethics”; “Land use and construction policy”; “Municipal enterprises”; “Municipal property”; “Education.”


In 2019, another sphere of city transparency was added — “Investments and economic development.”


The data contains research results from 2017 (first ranking) to 2020 in the XLSX format.


The accountability ranking database contains the results of the first assessment of 50 cities in Ukraine in 2020.



Transparency ranking methodology


The ranking methodology has been developed by Transparency International Ukraine CSO, an accredited chapter of the global movement Transparency International, together with the Institute of Political Education based on the adapted municipal transparency assessment methodology of Transparency International Slovakia.



Accountability ranking methodology


The accountability methodology was developed by the team of the Transparent Cities program of the Transparency International Ukraine CSO, together with the teams of civil society organizations Public Control Platform and Center for Public Monitoring and Research.



Methodology for measuring transparency in the investment sector


The investment transparency ranking aims to increase the level of anti-corruption practices and transparency at the city level in the investment sphere. The methodology was developed after consultations with representatives of business associations, interested civil society organizations and the authorities, who provided their proposals for indicators.