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07 March 2020, 00:00
March 7 — International Open Data Day

It has been already 10 years since people all over the world started to celebrate  this day! During this time, open data have become a common thing. And it is impossible to imagine life without them because they are very important in creating convenient online services, which offers endless space for urban development.

Why are open data so important?

Owing to open data, there are many electronic services that make our life easier. Especially such services as EWay, Citybot Nazar and Opendatabot, which are used daily by thousands of Ukrainians.

With their help, you can:

  • Monitor public transport traffic;
  • Receive notifications in the messenger about electrical or water repairs and breakdowns;
  • Check your taxes within minutes.

We hope that this year more quality information will become available in the public domain and, as a result, more convenient services will emerge!


The publication was prepared as part of implementation of the UNDP project “Civil Society for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights in Ukraine,” funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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