26 April 2022, 11:12
Dubno: how the city has changed in times of the war

Dubno is ranked 16th in the 2021 Transparency Ranking of Ukrainian Cities. Before the war, the city was working on its indicators and trying to become better for its residents.

Today, Dubno lives in new conditions and works with new challenges. During the war, the city was hit by missile shelling, which destroyed the oil depot. But despite this, the situation in the city is under control and relatively calm. Dubno works and actively receives internally displaced persons from all over Ukraine.

• To date, 2,459 IDPs have registered in Dubno, more than 800 of them are children. An important attention is paid to activities with displaced children. Sports, entertaining, and cognitive events are organized for them. Internally displaced persons can receive baby food, hygiene products, clothing, shoes, and food kits free of charge.

• The city communicated with foreign twining cities from Poland, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic since the beginning of the war, which immediately volunteered to help with humanitarian supplies. A temporary transit point for charitable assistance was created under the Dubno City Council, which European partners have sent and continue sending.

• Here, charitable aid from the temporary point of Dubno City Council is continuously sorted and transferred in accordance with the needs of IDPs, the military, and residents of the affected regions.

• Humanitarian cargoes are formed by volunteer organizations and transferred from Dubno to Kyiv region, Buchanskyi district, — for residents of the village Zahaltsi, who were under the occupation of russian troops for a long time on the verge of a humanitarian disaster.

• At the expense of the leadership and employees of the Dubno City Council, a car was purchased for fighters of the Dubno territorial defense. Cities in the rear in Ukraine actively support and work together to bring our victory closer. Even small communities are united in their quest to help everyone in need.

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