17 June 2019, 21:00

An accredited chapter of the global Transparency International movement in Ukraine presented the analytical report "The Dynamics of Transparency Growth: How The Ukrainian Cities Have Changed Over The Last Two Years ".


What is the report about?


  • Best practices for municipal transparency in Ukraine and in the world;
  • How Ukrainian cities change. What is affected by the transparency of authority and what benefits do citizens receive;
  • Debunking myths on openness;
  • "Losses and Victories" of municipal transparency;
  • Forecast of possible changes in the City Transparency Ranking 2019.


“TI Ukraine has been working on combating corruption in the regions for the third year, - says Zoryana Semehen, a Transparent Cities program analyst. - ‘The Dynamics of Transparency Growth: How The Ukrainian Cities Have Changed Over The Last Two Years’ shows the results of our work, debunks the myths about transparency and provides key recommendations for the city councils. And also this analytical report will undoubtedly be of use to those who wants to familiarize themselves with similar practices in other countries on vivid examples.”


When and where do we present the report?

The report will be presented in 5 cities of Ukraine. The citizens and authorities of these cities will have a chance to communicate with the authors and receive answers to the questions about transparency of local authorities. You can find the presentation schedule at  ? //bit.ly/31FwOU3


Recall that from 2017, Transparency International Ukraine evaluates the transparency of the 100 largest cities, encouraging city councils to disclose information and engage the public in decision-making. During the years 2017-2018, the transparency indicator has increased by an average of 12% and now stands at 40 points. The competition of the cities is increasing. Back in 2017, 59.7 points were enough to be at the top of the rating, however now the leader city has over 85 points.


Over the past two years, the Transparency Ranking of 100 Ukranian Cities has already been a driver for many changes. But there is still a lot of work to be done with those local authorities who are ignoring this project.


The full report can be found at  ? //bit //bit.ly/2wYVJnw

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