06 October 2022, 13:58
Korosten during the war: how does the city provide a reliable rear?

Although Korosten was under shelling at the beginning of the war, the city was able to recover quickly and start living in new realities. Now, Korosten is a strong rear that hosts displaced people from the affected regions of Ukraine. 

  • The city of Korosten has already welcomed more than 2,000 people who were forced to leave their homes. Zhytomyr RMA and local authorities are doing everything to make IDPs feel comfortable in their new places of residence. 
  • Since the first days of the war, Korosten has received assistance from sister cities from Latvia, Poland, France, and Hungary. Support for the Ukrainian people and a strong partnership have become even stronger in wartime.
  • About 90 streets were renamed in Korosten as part of the derussification and decommunization. The working group worked on this issue for almost two months and interviewed citizens. 
  • Displaced persons also show civic activism. In particular, the CSO “Dobrotvor” participates in citywide events, including improvement. The organization seeks to support IDPs in social issues, to become a kind of “bridge” between them and the authorities. This will facilitate the adaptation of IDPs.  
  • Many people associate Korosten with deruny (potato pancakes)! And all because annually, since 2008, on the second Saturday of September, the International Festival of Deruny is held there, which has already become a good urban tradition. This year, more than UAH 90,000 was collected for the needs of the army.

Ukrainian cities are actively and coherently working to speed up our victory. We believe in them!

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