15 November 2022, 10:38
Kovel: Volyn City in the Rear

We continue to talk about our exceptional cities. Today, we cover Kovel, the city of Volyn region #cities_in_the_rear.

In the first days of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the ways of those who flee from the war on evacuation trains and those who intend to help and volunteer crossed in Kovel. In general, more than 5,000 IDPs were given shelter in this city.

  • In the Kovel community, almost 50 streets and lanes were renamed as part of the derussification and decommunization of the city. The appropriate decision was adopted during the session on October 28. Read more: https://bit.ly/3fVrSG
  • One of the important tasks that citizens in the rear have is to create conditions for business relocation. The Kovel community has a lot of untouched lands and offers profitable conditions for entrepreneurs planning to relocate their industrial facilities to Volyn. In total, 50 land plots are going to bu put up for sale. More: https://bit.ly/3Upbugz
  • Ukrainian cities continue to establish international relations and cooperate for the common victory. Kovel has concluded a Partnership Agreement with American Chambly. Chambly Mayor Brian Mock flew thousands of kilometers to make a good start of cooperation with communities. The cities plan to develop their partnership in the fields of business, art, culture, education, sports, tourism, etc. More can be found at the link: https://bit.ly/3A4LIpA By the way, the Transparent Cities team wrote how Ukrainian cities are supported by foreign sister cities: https://bit.ly/dopomoha_pobratymiv

International funds are engaged to rebuild houses for IDPs. Two non-residential buildings are being reconstructed into apartment buildings for people who were forced to move: https://bit.ly/3UO045T

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