17 December 2019, 22:00
You can influence the changes in your city

Anyone can change his city. How?


The answer to this question and even more is the leading theme of our game “Tools to influence the authorities”.

Last week, we played two games where the participants were looking for ways to solve their pressing problems. In Kyiv representatives of the Association of Wives and Mothers of Soldiers Participating in ATO discussed ways of handling a problem of compensation payments at the local level and the issue of waste sorting and illegal construction with the game participants in Uzhhorod.


We have played 10 games in almost all corners of Ukraine attracting over 150 participants just in 4 months. All of them gained not only new knowledge, useful acquaintances but also inspiration for future victories.


At the end of the year we decided to collect top tips from participants in our events on how to influence and change your city.



To be heard you need to co-operate with like-minded people and support one another.

2. Experience.

If you are new to using impact tools, find those who can share their successful experiences with you.

3. Planning.

For the changes to come you must have a clear plan of action.

4.Systematic approach.

You have to systematically approach what you do to achieve a lasting effect. If you started something so get the job done since it affects your credibility.

5. Communication.

Tell citizens about the city's problems and your achievements in dealing with them. Use all possible channels to do this: influencers, Facebook, local and even national media, personal meetings and more.

We wish you success in developing your city. And we hope that in the new year we will continue our gaming marathon and attract more participants!

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