15 June 2022, 10:14
Cities in the rear: how Lutsk brings victory closer

Cities in the rear of Ukraine actively support and work together to bring our victory closer. Today we will talk about Lutsk.


🔸 The Lutsk Central Assistance Point has been collecting and distributing humanitarian aid for the military, territorial defense, displaced persons, and residents of the territories affected by the russian armed aggression since the first days of the war. Since the beginning of the Center's activities, its employees and volunteers have shipped almost 500 tons of various goods. 

🔸 Since the beginning of the work, almost 600 tons of cargo have arrived for the Lutsk volunteers. During the entire period, assistance came from Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Romania, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, England, Austria. 

🔸 The Lutsk City Council is ready to provide Ukrainian business with all the necessary assistance with evacuation and relocation to the territory of the Lutsk city territorial community. To this end, the Lutsk Center for Evacuation and Business Adaptation Support was created on the basis of the Department of Economic Policy of the Lutsk City Council. 

🔸 In Lutsk, it is proposed to rename 8 streets of russian or soviet origin. 

🔸 Due to the war of russia against Ukraine, a huge number of people are stressed every day. Free psychologist consultations are available in Lutsk to help citizens cope with stress.

🔸 Lutsk supports the initiative to break off twinning relations with the cities of russia and belarus. Thus, Lutsk terminated the Partnership Agreement with the city of Brest (Republic of Belarus). Our program urges city councils to break all relations with russian cities. 

🔸 In addition, a Charitable Art Project “Together we will win!” is underway in Lutsk. During the creative performances of amateur groups of cultural institutions, funds are collected for the needs of the Armed Forces.

We are proud of our cities that are doing everything possible to support the country in this difficult time.

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