06 April 2022, 13:18
Cities in war: how Khmelnytskyi responds

For more than a month, our country has stood courageously against the occupiers. During this time, the war touched every city. Some unbreakably withstand the blows of the enemy and fight it back, and others — effectively support the rear, rebuilding their economic and social life in the conditions of war.

We are starting a series of posts about the work of cities in the rear, and the first city is Khmelnytskyi. Despite the shelling of the city on the night of March 30, it actively welcomes those who arrived from hot zones, coordinates the work of humanitarian headquarters and volunteer initiatives.

  • Since the beginning of the war, 29,000 displaced people have moved to the city. As of March 30, 1,047 IDP students were enrolled in general education establishments. More than 638 adults have applied for employment.
  • Since the first days of the war, Khmelnytskyi has been working with humanitarian assistance from abroad: the city receives and redirects it to other Ukrainian cities that need it. More than 230 tons of humanitarian cargo were sent to the Sumy oblast, Chernihiv, Slavutych, Mykolayiv, and Kyiv. The city is actively supported by sister cities from Poland, Lithuania, and other countries.
  • Volunteers are actively working: in the city, settlements for internally displaced persons are created, where humanitarian and psychological assistance is provided. From the first days of the war, restaurateurs from Khmelnytskyi organized points in their restaurants for those who were forced to leave their homes.
  • All municipal enterprises and public transport operate in compliance with the curfew — the economy should not stop. Markets are operating, medium and large enterprises are restoring production capacity. The increase in population and the demand for products stimulates enterprises to look for new markets and suppliers of raw materials. 
  • The city government also helps businesses to continue their activities. The Hot Button tool for business has been created. This is an online project that aims at helping businesses quickly solve problematic issues in their activities, as well as to get professional expert advice. 
  • The city also referred the initiative and the plan/project for the construction of housing for Ukrainians evacuated from the affected cities to the Cabinet of Ministers.

Khmelnytskyi adequately keeps the defense and supports the economy of Ukraine in wartime. We are delighted that our cities know how to respond quickly and effectively to the most challenging issues. So, we will win!

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