13 March 2023, 10:55
City in the Rear:  Ostroh

Our #cities_in_the_rear continue working for victory, and we continue telling about their successes. Today, our column features the city of Ostroh in Rivne Oblast. 

  • The Ostroh Children’s Library is implementing the Center of Goodness project. Its main goal is to help Ukrainians from the temporarily occupied territories adapt to Ostroh. Read more: https://bit.ly/3Yvv2Rv
  • Ostroh Academy has joined the All-Ukrainian project Cultural Forces “Razom!” and has already sent aid to the residents of the de-occupied village of Staryi Saltiv in Kharkiv Oblast three times. Read more: https://bit.ly/3ZPkyxm
  • The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine handed over 653 kits of children's winter clothing for children from privileged categories to the Ostroh City Territorial Community. Read more: https://bit.ly/3FaOsV4
  • During the year of the war, residents of the Ostroh community have shown remarkable resilience and organization. They organized the production of canned meat, dumplings, and pastries in kindergartens and village schools. The food was delivered to the military and civilians. Read more: https://bit.ly/3ZDwmT
  • The Ostroh Academy has started training specialists who will support veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war in the communities of the Rivne region. Read more: https://bit.ly/3ZBckJK

Together towards the victory!

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