08 February 2023, 09:52
Unbreakable Rear — Odesa

We continue our regular column #Cities_in_the_Rear. Today, we will tell you about Odesa. Air-raid sirens are constantly heard in the city. Despite the continuous missile threat from the sea, Odesa remains a stable city in the rear.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Odesa has become a refuge for thousands of internally displaced people. As of December 28, the number of officially registered IDPs in the region reached 137,000. More: https://bit.ly/40qK39F

  • To provide housing for IDPs, a Center for the residence of displaced persons is being built in Odesa. The project envisages the arrangement of places for round-the-clock stay and treatment of patients. Currently, 50% of all repair works have been completed. More: https://bit.ly/3JzRq8s
  • On January 25, the historic center of Odesa, together with the Port, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage under threat. This means that the city's cultural monuments will be under the protection of UNESCO. More: https://bit.ly/3jogBQL
  • At the end of 2022, Ukraine's application for the right to hold the EXPO-2030 World Exhibition in Odesa was presented. Holding the exhibition in the city will give a powerful impetus to investment income, which will increase economic activity and positively influence the development of the country's infrastructure.
  • This year, the 67th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Liverpool, Odesa's sister city, which is celebrating 66 years of cooperation this year. This is only one year less than the “age” of the contest itself. Read more: https://bit.ly/3XXzjhn
  • Since the beginning of the war, the Humanitarian Headquarters has been established in the building of the Odesa Food Market. It deals with what they call “corporate orders”: for hospitals, military units, etc. Read more: https://bit.ly/3joOwc2

Our brave cities bravely resist the enemy and help those in need. Only victory! Let’s hold on!

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