02 May 2023, 13:43
Unbreakable Rear — Lviv

We continue learning about the unbreakable #cities_in_the_rear. This time, we are covering Lviv, which from the very beginning of the full-scale invasion became a refuge for many displaced persons from the affected regions of Ukraine.

A year ago, we already considered how the life of the city changed during the hostilities, but during this time, Lviv has already implemented many new projects aimed at bringing our victory closer.

  • In Lviv, there is a special City Support Center for Forced Displaced Persons, where they can get all the necessary information and assistance either on the spot or using a digital service. 
  • The Center for people who survived the occupation and captivity is being established in the premises of the former city skin and venereal clinic.
  • A Rescue Center was opened in the city, where all victims of the war can get free advice from lawyers, psychologists, social workers, and other specialists. Separately, the Center provides long-term assistance to victims of sexual violence committed by the Russian military. 
  • Since July last year, the support center “I am Mariupol” has been operating in Lviv. It provides refugees from Mariupol with all the necessary assistance, from humanitarian support to medical services. 
  • The European Union will provide Lviv with a grant of UAH 19.5 mln to build a social hostel for IDPs with disabilities. The design of the building was chosen at an open architectural competition and includes not only housing, but also centers of social and professional adaptation and children's spaces.
  • Thanks to the grant support of the UN, a structure for relocated enterprises that produce prostheses is being developed in Lviv. The production facilities located there will use the premises on preferential terms. 

Let us note that the implementation of all these and many other projects requires attracting significant funds from the state and international partners. Therefore, transparency of local self-government in their use is crucial. No wonder, Lviv became one of the three cities with the “transparent” status in our adapted transparency study and implemented most indicators excellently.

Read the full version of the Between Transparency and Security study to find out more about the transparency in the work of city councils.

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