11 June 2020, 21:00
Transparent Cities rated Pereiaslav outside the Transparency Rating of the 100 largest cities in Ukraine

At the request of the Pereiaslav City Council, the analysts of the Transparent Cities program checked the city by the indicators of the transparency rating. Pereiaslav scored 40.8 points and got into the group of partially transparent cities.

The most transparent areas in the city are areas of access and participation, information about local governments and municipal property. On the website of the Pereiaslav City Council, you can find information about all public facilities available for rent, draft decisions and decisions of the city Council. And users of the website can submit a request for the online information.

In addition, the city is connected to a platform that helps people start their own business. Therefore, it is not surprising that more than 50% of the city's residents use the site of the City Council.

The least transparent areas are education, procurement, utilities, land use, and construction policy.

With a score of 40.8 points, Pereiaslav fell into the group of partially transparent cities and in terms of indicators in the Transparency Rating is next to such cities as Kovel, Boiarka and Severodonetsk. To improve its performance, the city should study the best Ukrainian and international experience and adopt the transparency practices of other city councils.

The Transparent Cities team has collected recommendations for the Pereiaslav City Council:

  • Enter an electronic form for the distribution of children to kindergartens and electronic registration in schools.
  • Conduct an external independent audit of the financial statements of utilities.
  • Publish biographies of managers and information on remuneration of managers and members of supervisory boards of municipal enterprises and companies.
  • Publish on the official website of the City Council information about city social assistance institutions.

These are the first steps that will allow the government to become more transparent for residents.

At the request of city councils, analysts can evaluate cities that are not included in the Transparency Rating of the 100 largest cities in Ukraine. 

To do this, you need to contact us by writing an email transparentcities@ti-ukraine.org. We will contact you and provide instructions and a form for conducting a self-assessment of the city. After that, our analysts will check the information provided and verify the results.

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