02 September 2021, 08:35
Accountability Ranking 2021: Results of the Competition for Civil Society Organizations

TI Ukraine has completed a competitive selection of regional civil society organizations to assess the accountability of cities. The competition is held within the project “Transparent Cities e-platform for cooperation of citizens and local governments for accountability and good governance,” implemented with the financial support of the European Union Delegation to Ukraine.

The list of organizations that will join the assessment of city accountability includes:

  1. Association for Community Self-Organization Assistence
  2. A.A.P.  Communities Time
  3. UPA
  4. Association of Political Studies
  5. Civil Platform "Dij!"
  6. Zaporizhzhia Investigation Center
  7. Institute of Public Examination
  8. Integrity UA
  9. Youth Foundation for European initiatives
  11. Educational Platform of Podillia
  12. STEP
  13. Ukraine Needs You
  14. Philosophy of Heart
  16. Center for Innovation, Social, Physical and Intellectual Development People.UA
  17. Center for Political Studies
  18. ASDI Azovska Palanka
  19. KIEC European Club
  20. Network of anti-corruption centers
  21. All- Ukrainian NGO Civil Network OPORA

We congratulate the winners and thank all organizations that joined the competition!

In the future, the selected organizations will carry out an independent assessment of the accountability of city councils, which will make it possible to conclude an Accountability Ranking of 50 cities in Ukraine in 2021. The assessment of accountability will be carried out according to the special methodology, developed by the team of the Transparent Cities program together with the teams of civil society organizations Civic Control Platform and Center for Public Monitoring and Research.

Please note that all interested organizations and residents can participate in the accountability assessment. Learn more about the terms of engagement here. The Accountability Ranking of Ukrainian cities allows us to assess how much the obligations of city authorities declared in regulatory legal acts and public communication are coherent with the practice and real experience of community residents.

The methodology for assessing accountability was created and tested as part of a pilot study of 10 cities in Ukraine in cooperation with the civil society organization Civic Control Platform and Center for Public Monitoring and Research. The Ranking covers 50 cities, 5 of them are leading cities in the Transparency Ranking of the 100 largest cities in Ukraine and another 45 cities are featured in descending order of population.


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