11 April 2022, 15:37
Resistance in occupation

How to fight, not to help but to harm the enemy?

Ukrainians are incredible in their unity and defense of the independence of our state. We see this in dozens of cities which the occupiers enter, and residents kick them out, going unarmed towards tanks and on protests.

However, in some cities, occupiers still break through. What to do? The Center of National Resistance of Ukraine gives instructions. Experts have developed a guide with tips for people of different professions, households, or businesses: https://bit.ly/sprotyv_okupantam It contains a short course for civilians — the most numerous army of our country. The guide includes information on how to sabotage, harm russian troops without exposing yourself and your loved ones to danger and performing actions within your capabilities. The guide contains information about security, active and passive methods of civil resistance, as well as ways of assistance.

We will reveal some methods of resistance for officials.

It is in your power to influence the organization of work and decision-making by the occupiers. If possible, inhibit effective problem-solving and emphasize the ineffective one.

  • Insist on doing everything through intermediaries. Do not allow shortcuts for problem-solving.
  • If possible, assign the same responsibilities to several officials. Make “speeches” to the occupiers in the administration. Talk as often and as long as possible. Slow down the enemy's decision-making with stories about personal experiences, funny stories, etc.
  • If possible, refer all issues to the committees for “further study and consideration.” Try to make the committees as large as possible — never less than five people have to agree on a joint decision.
  • Make improper decisions as often as possible.
  • Argue about the exact wording of decrees, protocols, resolutions, etc. After some time, check with the occupiers of the local self-government bodies the same unimportant questions.
  • If you are a member of local self-government bodies, re-initiate discussion and voting on the issues resolved at the last meeting. Try to raise the question of the appropriateness of earlier decisions.
  • Promote “cautiousness.” Call on your colleagues to be 'cautious' and avoid rushing.

If the occupiers catch you red-handed, you can get away with it by pretending to be stupid, ignorant, being excessively cautious, even deficient due to malnutrition, lack of medicine.

Attention: You can't store any evidence of your sabotage to occupiers, so, you shouldn't download this guide to your phone or other devices. Only by acting together will we defeat the enemy and send all the occupiers after the russian warship!

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