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16 April 2020, 00:00
Telegram channels of Ukrainian city councils

City Council channels in the most popular messengers used to be an innovation. However, during the COVID-19 crisis, rapid communication with residents has become a necessity. The Transparent Cities website has collected and will update information on Telegram channels of city councils that inform about COVID-19 and the main news of the city.

Thanks to city council channels in messengers, citizens can rapidly learn about the main news of the city, and local authorities can quickly share messages and communicate with residents. Such channels become a reliable source of information from the government, which is used by citizens and does not spread rumors. In addition, thanks to rapid dissemination of information, the next water outage will not be a surprise for them.

City councils have long started running their news channels in popular messengers. This used to be innovative, but now, during the quarantine, rapid communication is essential.

Channels about COVID-19: here, you will find statistics on the incidence of coronavirus and useful tips on how to avoid COVID-19 infection.

News channels of city councils. 
They usually contain the main news of the city, recommendations for residents, and, for example, warnings about repairs of utilities and roads.

If your city council doesn't use messenger communication channels yet, we recommend that they start using them. Why? Because this simple step makes the city council closer to the residents, and the citizens themselves quickly receive all the most important news.

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