13 April 2021, 12:35
Top 5 cities with the greatest progress in the Transparency Ranking 2020

The transparency level of the 100 largest cities in Ukraine is growing every year. In 2017, the average transparency score was 29.9, and today, it is already 47.7 points. The growth is more than one and a half times.

What does that mean? Municipalities keep publishing new data every year, improve the functionality of their websites, implement best practices, and listen to the recommendations to increase the level of transparency. 

In total, 57 cities improved their scores over the last year.

However, the growth in points does not guarantee a higher overall position. According to the results of 2020, 41 city councils in the Ranking increased their relative position, whereas 51 municipalities lost it. 

Which cities showed the best growth dynamics?


Volodymyr-Volynskyi added 22 points to its 2019 score. The city rose by 27 positions and, for the first time, reached the top ten in transparency. During the year, the city council improved the results in most spheres, gained 8 points in “Municipal enterprises” and 6 points in “Housing Policy.” Simultaneously, the indicators in “Municipal property” and “Access and participation” dropped by a few tenths.


The city council has improved the results in most areas of local authorities’ activity. The results in “Investments and economic development,” “Financial assistance and grants,” “Education,” and “Anti-corruption policy and professional ethics” were improved the most. This increase has put the city by 29 positions of the Ranking. However, Konotop still has a low score in the areas of “Land use and construction policy,” “Procurement,” and “Social Services.” It has gained zero points for the implementation of indicators in the “Housing policy” sphere.


Compared to the previous year, Fastiv has risen by 46 positions and gained points in 12 out of 14 areas. There is a fivefold growth in the sphere of “Financial assistance and grants.” The city has also improved the result in the areas of “Anti-corruption policy and professional ethics” and “Municipal property.”  “Procurement” and “Social services” spheres are still needed to be improved.


In 2020, Lozova improved the result in all spheres, except for “Municipal property,” where indicators dropped by a few tenths. During the year, the city has increased by 38 positions. The results in “Land use and construction policy,” “Social services,” “Municipal enterprises,” and “Budgeting process” have improved the most.


In 2020, the city council of Novovolynsk managed to rise by 39 positions in the Ranking. The city has improved the results in most spheres by 0.5-4.5 points, most of all — in “Municipal enterprises.” The implementation of indicators in the “Education” areas remained at the level of the previous year.

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