05 November 2022, 10:38
Uzhhorod: the city of resistance in the rear

The Ukrainian soldiers are working selflessly and in a coordinated manner to bring the day of our victory closer. And Ukrainian #CITIES_IN_REAR are consistently supporting our country. Today, in our column, we will talk about Uzhhorod

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, there have been about 25,000 officially registered IDPs who have remained in Uzhhorod. According to unofficial calculations, the number can be much higher. 

  • The city council of Uzhhorod was one of the first to create a business relocation department to help entrepreneurs solve the issue of relocating their businesses from dangerous areas. 62 entrepreneurs have already moved to Uzhhorod, the majority of them from the Kharkiv region. Most of them are working in IT, but there is also heavy industry, clothing production, etc. The city council's websiteconstantly updates information about vacancies and has information about qualifications for job seekers.  
  • A support center for internally displaced people called “I am Mariupol”was opened in Uzhhorod on October 20. Mariupol residents who have taken refuge from the war in Zakarpattia can get help here. They will be able to receive psychological, legal, and humanitarian assistance at the center.
  • The STEM is FEM public organization, with the support of the “United Voices in Action” program, is launching integration clubs in Uzhhorod for displaced teenagers and local youth aged 14 to 18.Participants will meet interesting citizens and will have the opportunity to receive psychological support. The creation of these clubs will allow teenagers to socialize and get help in the face of the uncertainty of war. 
  • The Polish sister city of Uzhhorod, Krosno, was one of the first to organize the distribution of humanitarian aid and deliver the goods to the regional center at the beginning of russia's armed aggression in February this year. The German sister cityof Darmstadt and the Polish sister city of Jarosław are also actively helping.
  • Uzhhorod continues the derussification and decommunization of the city. The public hearings on renaming the city's streets have already begun. This initiative helps our country to free itself from the Soviet past.

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