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17 April 2020, 00:00
Easter at Home: Celebrations in Ukrainian Cities

Online workshops on painting Easter eggs, balcony flash mobs, the prohibition to attend churches and getting Easter baskets blessed via TV. Easter 2020 is sure to be memorable for Ukrainian citizens. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the entire territory of Ukraine has been quarantined for more than a month. Yet, when it comes to religious holidays, for some reason, most people have no fear of prohibitions or the coronavirus. Therefore, to avoid mass infections in Ukraine, additional restrictions have been introduced and public order protection has been strengthened during the Easter holidays.

What Easter initiatives were introduced by Ukrainian city councils? Find out in this article.

  • In Lviv, residents have the opportunity to join workshops, holiday fairs and flash mobs without leaving their homes. The schedule of activities can be found here.
  • Residents of Poltava had the opportunity to create their own pysankas (painted Easter eggs) and learn how to bake Easter cakes. During two weeks, libraries and art schools of the city hold workshops, competitions and exhibitions online.
  • In Dnipro, the city council handed over 38 thousand consecrated Easter cakes to at-risk residents. In addition, the city leaders took radical action and dug up the road to the local temple. This happened after a mass service was held there, despite the Council's ban.
  • In Novomoskovsk, the consecration of cakes takes place directly at the factory, so residents can buy them "all ready" in all stores in the city. 
  • In Ternopil region, residents are offered to consecrate Easter baskets online, near churches in compliance with the requirements, or just near the gates of private homes.
  • The residents of Sambir and Odesa will also have the opportunity to come to church. The authorities of these cities ask people to make sure to wear masks and keep a safe distance of 2 meters.
  • In Zhytomyr and Mukachevo, on the other hand, there is a ban on visiting churches and participating in mass religious events between April 18 and April 20.
  • In Fastiv, in Kyiv region, the city council published a video message of local priests. They urged residents to take care of themselves and their families: stay at home for Easter, pray at icons, and watch online broadcasts of church services.
  • Believers in Kharkiv are encouraged to stay at home as well. The city council website published an appeal of the Metropolitan of Kharkiv and Bohodukhiv Onufrii, who asked citizens to stay at home and join the service online.

We also advise you to observe the quarantine regime and spend Easter at home with your loved ones.

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