20 July 2022, 18:19
City Council Websites must be in Ukrainian from now on

On July 16, the provisions of the law on the state language, regarding the use of the Ukrainian language on all web resources came into force.

This also applies to YouTube, Viber, Telegram channels, and mobile applications.

There may be other language versions of the websites, but the Ukrainian language should be loaded by default and contain as much information as other versions. By the way, we have previously talked about how to create the perfect website for the city because it is one of the main channels of communication between the authorities and the community.

All business entities registered in Ukraine, namely: government and local authorities, enterprises, institutions, media, and organizations that sell goods and services in Ukraine, are obliged to comply with this provision.

Here is an important point for foreign business entities doing business in Ukraine. They are obliged to translate their websites into Ukrainian to an extent sufficient for clear navigation and disclosure of the purpose of their activities.

The user interface in Ukrainian has also become mandatory for products. Along with foreign language versions, the one in Ukrainian should be full-fledged and contain no less information in terms of content and volume. This provision applies to any device where a computer program is installed: both with an electronic screen and with a push-button control panel.

Violators will have to pay from UAH 3,400 to 5,800 for the first time. In the case of a repeated violation, the amount may reach UAH 11,900. The “language fines” will be applied by the State Language Protection Commissioner.

Let us remind you that the law “On Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as a State Language” was adopted in April 2019, and gradually began to be implemented in practice. Its provisions previously covered advertising, book publishing, citizen services, the service sector, newspapers and magazines, etc.

We call on cities and businesses to switch to Ukrainian. Language is also a weapon. We will win!



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