19 July 2022, 12:50
The War in Cities: how Dnipro lives

Dnipro is a city that for several years has been actively working to implement the principles of transparency in its work. Thanks to consultations and the desire to change, the City Council managed to improve its indicators from 25.5 points out of 100 in 2017 to 84.2 in 2021. Dnipro came 3rd and became one of the cities that got into the category of “transparent” in the last Transparency Ranking.

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the city has become one of the supporting cities that provide a reliable rear for our front. Dnipro keeps on living, although the city can only be called reasonably safe all this time, despite the systematic strikes on it.

We also have collected the information on how the local authorities are responding to the challenges of the war, and how life in the city has changed over the past four months:

  • Dnipro has hosted more than 200,000 IDPs. They are provided with everything they need: grocery and hygiene kits, help with settlement and organization of city tours. One of the first centers in Ukraine “I'm Mariupol” was opened here for Mariupol residents, who have received shelter in Dnipro.
  • The website of the City Council contains a list of verified organizations and funds that support Ukrainians during the war.
  • The city has developed a program of relocation of enterprises. Trainings and consultations for entrepreneurs who decided to transfer their business or production to Dnipro are conducted here.
  • Derussification of toponyms continues in Dnipro. During the last session, a number of streets were renamed. Now there are Azovstal, Morska Pikhota streets and Volnovakha Lane in the city.
  • A memorandum was signed on close cooperation between the city and the municipality of Cologne during the World Urban Forum 2022.
  • Besides that, Dnipro City Council organizes the transfer of equipment, cars, and food cargoes to the front line in cooperation with the Charity Fund TAPS-Ukraine.

We are proud of our cities. The cities of brave people. We believe in our victory!



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