19 May 2021, 12:40
Vinnytsia. Best practices of transparency and accountability

The launch of a municipal chatbot, several honorary awards of the Council of Europe, consistently high places in the Transparency Ranking. This is all about Vinnytsia.

For the fourth year in a row, the city is in the top ten in terms of transparency. According to the results of 2020, Vinnytsia became the fourth in the Ranking and received 76.6 points. This is one position higher than in 2019.

In the Accountability Ranking, Vinnytsia, together with Melitopol, took the 11th place and scored only 16 points out of 100. This means that the city still has the status of the “unaccountable” and should actively work to involve society in the development and adoption of important management decisions.

In what areas did the city manage to get the maximum transparency points? There are four of them — “Budgeting process,” “Financial assistance and grants,” “HR matters,” and “Education.” 

In terms of accountability, the situation is diametrically opposite. In seven areas, the city received zero points. The direction of “Anti-corruption policy and professional ethics” can boast of the best indicators.  More information can be obtained from the city map at the link. 

How did Vinnytsia become the leader of the Rankings? We have collected examples of the best practices of local self-government bodies for you. 

  1. The city council has developed and adopted the concept of integrated development of Vinnytsia until 2030.
  2. The official website of the city regularly publishes minutes of meetings of the standing committees, the executive committee, and the plenary sessions of the council sessions.
  3. The city council's website provides detailed information on expenditures of the development budget.
  4. Programs to provide financial support to civil society institutions contain provisions that address possible conflicts of interest in the allocation of funds. Citizens have free access to the meetings of the selection commission.
  5. The website of the city council contains detailed information about the body that is authorized to carry out operations for leasing municipal property: contacts, full name of the head, and the department structure.
  6. The city is connected to the Start Business Challenge platform and has already localized more than five business cases. 
  7. The city council publishes a list of land plots for development, the rights to which can be obtained at land auctions.
  8. Residents of Vinnytsia have the opportunity to register a child in a kindergarten or in a hobby group online.

How does the situation with transparency and accountability look like with the winners of the two ratings? We have gathered for you 10 best practices of Mariupol and Lviv.

More about the results of the 2020 City Rankings here.    

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