16 March 2020, 22:00
How should a city council work in quarantine?

In Ukraine, quarantine has been implemented and restrictions apply to the work of most enterprises and companies due to the spread of the coronavirus.

What should Ukrainian authorities do and how can they avoid panic in the city?

We have prepared 5 useful tips:

  1. Quickly and effectively publish official information from the Ministry of Health on the city council website, inform residents about the availability of test systems in city hospitals and distribute contacts for people to know where they can get help.
    This will help to avoid panic and leave no room for manipulation on the coronavirus.
  2. Post the contacts of city council experts for online consultations.
    Remote consultations will limit physical contact and reduce the risk of the virus spreading.
  3. Call an urgent city council meeting and review the budget.
    It is important to make decisions based on the law to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. Make immediate purchases of all the necessary means to eliminate and prevent an epidemic in the city.
  4. Remind citizens about available electronic services and start using new systems.
    This will help residents to get quality services without leaving their homes. Here, we want to remind you about the opportunities provided by the portal igov.org.ua. With this service, you can make social payments or register your place of residence, among other things.
  5. Disinfection of public transport and provision of disinfection facilities of all state institutions of the city.
    The establishment of public transport disinfection spots in the city will allow to control the carriers. And the dissemination of disinfectants in all city institutions is one of the key ways to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

 Remember that quick and effective decisions of the city council prevent not only the spread of the disease, but also panic and manipulations around it.

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