17 June 2021, 13:54
How can small towns become leaders in transparency? Example of Drohobych

The level of transparency and accountability does not depend on the size of a city, region, or its budget. Everything is determined by the desire of local authorities to be open and introduce convenient electronic services that make the life of residents easier and more comfortable.

Drohobych is a good example. According to the results of 2020, the city received 78.1 points and ranked the third in the Transparency Ranking. In five spheres, the city received the maximum number of points. At the same time, the city could not stay at the top of the Ranking, as it did in 2018 and 2019. It is very significant that in comparison with 2019, Drohobych lost only one point, which cost it two positions in the Ranking. This once again indicates high competition between cities at the top of the Transparency Ranking. Even one point matters. In the Accountability Ranking, the city ranked 15th and scored only 14 points out of 100. In eight of the 14 spheres, Drohobych did not receive a single point. This means that the city council has a lot of work ahead of it to improve the engagement of society in making important decisions for citizens.

What interesting practices have already been implemented in the city?

  1. Drohobych is one of the few cities that use a system for registering children in schools, kindergartens, and clubs developed on the basis of blockchain technology.
  2. Drohobych City Council is registered on the DOZORRO portal and uses it as a public platform for communication on procurement matters. However, there is still something to strive for. So far, the city responds to less than 80% of responses, so, it doesn't implement the appropriate accountability indicator.
  3. The official website of the City Council publishes information about parking rates, the location of parking areas, and payment methods.
  4. Drohobych has also adopted the Sustainable Development Strategy until 2027, which is designed to ensure a high level and quality of life of citizens, as well as create favorable conditions for business development.
  5. The city is connected to the StartBusinessChallenge platform. This is an information service that provides a step-by-step guide on the permits required for business registration.
  6. On the website of the Drohobych City Council, the agenda of executive committee meetings is announced in advance. This is not a requirement of the law, but it helps citizens to be aware of the issues that the city considers and approves.

For more information about the implementation of Drohobych transparency and accountability indicators, please visit the city card.

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