22 December 2022, 14:07
City Transparency Assessment in 2022

The Transparent Cities program (Transparency International Ukraine) presents a new adapted Methodology for Assessing Transparency of Cities during the war. This year’s research will be aimed at determining the transparency level of rear local self-government bodies included in the list of Transparency Ranking of TI Ukraine using adapted criteria.

Martial law is not a reason to postpone transparency and accountability everywhere. It is important for local authorities to find resources and opportunities to ensure these principles at the pre-war level wherever possible. Therefore, this year's study will be conducted in an adapted format, but it is aimed at ensuring the sustainability and consistency of this work,” emphasizes Olena Ogorodnik, Program Manager.

The adapted analysis will be conducted in January-February 2023 and will cover the period of the local government activities from March to December 2022.

Considering the situation with russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the study will focus on the rear cities that are among the 100 largest cities in Ukraine. Municipalities close to the frontline and those that have been under occupation for more than six months will not be assessed. In particular, these are the cities of Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions, as well as parts of Dnipropetrovsk region that are in close proximity to the areas where active military operations are taking place.

The assessment will be based on 40 adapted criteria related to:  organization of city councils' work, publication of information on official resources, access to data on land and housing issues, municipal property, social sphere, etc.

We also developed criteria for the work of city councils under martial law. It includes analyzing their activities to create opportunities for IDPs and relocated businesses, publishing information about humanitarian aid and the criteria for its distribution, the location of civilian protection shelters, etc.

Effective and efficient local self-government is the foundation of state’s stability. Therefore, it is now crucial to ensure transparency and accountability of all processes at the local level to maintain the sustainability and consistency of public policy, and to attract international support.

The Transparent Cities program is working to build a capable and powerful local government system that is able to make effective decisions and be accountable for its work to the community.

Methodology for assessing the transparency of cities during the war

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