05 April 2020, 21:00
How Do I Climb the City Transparency Ranking?

How can a city improve its position in the City Transparency Ranking? How can officials become even more open towards the citizens? What should the City Councils pay attention to first?

  1. Posting information on the website is half a step. Make it easy to find this information. It often happens that during the evaluation our analysts find the right information in very unexpected places. E.g. the city budgeting information in the "Architecture" section. To create an accessible and simple website you can use the design system of state-owned websites of Ukraine.

  2. Follow the requirements and publish the data in the required format. Checking websites, we found general city plans in JPEG format and "open" data in PDF format. Although such information is made public, it is not suitable for further processing.

  3. Correctly interpret the law. Remember that information, not the document, is subject to restriction. If the document contains restricted information, you should still provide non-restricted information.

  4. Explore the best practices of other cities. Collaborate with other City Councils and learn from important experiences. This will allow you to make changes with minimal use of human, financial and time resources.

  5. Don't stop there! Improve employee skills, research international experience, innovate. The world is changing and so are you.

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