08 September 2022, 15:15
How has Life in Chernivtsi changed since the beginning of the War?

Chernivtsi has been a rear city since the beginning of the war. People from the frontline regions came here fleeing the horrors of war to keep their families safe. So today the city is living in new conditions and working with new challenges. 

Chernivtsi hromada has hosted tens of thousands of internally displaced persons from eastern and southern oblasts since February 24. A temporary modular town is being built in the city to solve the problem of IDP resettlement. The money for its arrangement will be provided by the European Union and the German government.

memo for IDPs was prepared in Chernivtsi. It collects all the necessary information: humanitarian aid points, medical facilities, opportunities, and entertainment for children.

Chernivtsi residents receive a lot of humanitarian assistance from various European countries. More than a 100,000 tons of humanitarian aid for internally displaced persons, as well as used equipment for urban municipal enterprises, were transferred by Germany, namely the city of Düsseldorf. Constant support is also provided by Romanian partners from Siret and from Austrian cities. 

Bukovyna, in turn, redirects aid to those cities and oblasts of the country where it is needed.

Ukrainian cities continue to build up international relations. Chernivtsi became a sister city of Düsseldorf as a result of close cooperation and assistance. All signs of twinning with Moscow will be removed in Düsseldorf, and “Chernivtsi” will be indicated on the new ones. Read about the importance of establishing new twinning relations with European cities in our article.

At least 60 streets, lanes, and passages are planned to be renamed in Chernivtsi. We support such an initiative and emphasize the importance of the derussification of Ukrainian cities. Read more about renaming in Ukrainian cities in our analytics: https://bit.ly/derusyfikovani_mista

We are proud of our cities, which do everything possible to support the country in this difficult time.

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