27 April 2021, 12:11
Which sphere is the most transparent in Ukrainian cities?

The Transparency Ranking of the 100 largest cities in Ukraine determines the extent to which the city council complies with legal requirements and properly publishes information on official resources. The work of local authorities is evaluated according to 86 indicators within 14 spheres.

According to the results of 2020, the most transparent area was “Education.” The average indicator of its implementation amounted to 66.3%. This is by 12.6% better than last year. To get the maximum four points in this sphere, the city had to meet three criteria:

  • Introduce an open distribution of children (open queue, lottery, random selection) in preschool educational institutions — 1 point
  • Launch an electronic registration system for municipal educational institutions (preschool, secondary) — 1 point
  • Publish information about the location of extracurricular education institutions and create an opportunity to register a child online — 2 points

As the results of the study show, 93 cities out of 100 provided an opportunity for parents to apply for their child's enrollment in kindergarten and/or school online. Most of them also use resources with an open queue for distributing children to preschool institutions. It is significant that some cities (for example, Konotop) in connection with the quarantine, introduced electronic registration in educational institutions for the first time or completely switched to it.

We hope that even after the end of the epidemic, innovations in this sphere will only become more profound. In 2019, the highest performance rates were in the “HR matters” sphere (68%).

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