16 March 2022, 09:34
Appeal to NATO Members: Protect The Sky Over Ukraine

NATO members, we request to protect the Ukrainian sky! To stop the russian genocide of Ukrainians and humanity crimes no-fly zone should be imposed. Every day of delays costs hundreds of lives. If a no-fly zone is too risky for NATO, equip Ukraine with air defense capabilities and jets as promised.

On the 4th of March, 2022 russian troops fired Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. For the first time in world history, troops have struck at such an important strategic object, threatening Europe and the world with a nuclear catastrophe.

Nine days ago, the life of Ukraine, Europe, and the entire world changed forever. russia has launched an unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine with a full-scale invasion into our territory. This war is not only against Ukraine, it is a war against democracy, freedom, and humanity in the world.

Apart from Ukraine’s military objects, russia is aiming directly at civilian residential areas, hospitals and maternity houses, kindergartens and universities, churches and even the Holocaust memorial in Kyiv. Some Ukrainian cities such as Mariupol, Kharkiv, and Kherson are currently in the grip of a humanitarian crisis. russian massive and relentless shelling makes it impossible to deliver humanitarian aid to these cities and safely evacuate women and children from the siege. russian actions are the genocide of the Ukrainian people. Hague tribunal investigators have set up to Ukraine to record these crimes.

But the night of March 4 showed that even the extermination of Ukrainians is not the only goal of russia’s bloodthirsty regime. By shelling the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, the occupying forces called into question the survival of all mankind and even the lives of their own citizens.

The whole world presented tremendous support for Ukraine. However, last night’s events showed that apart from humanitarian and military aid, what Ukraine needs the most right now is a safe sky. This will prevent the enemy from inflicting treacherous night airstrikes on peaceful cities and strategic infrastructure.

The petition for the protection of the Ukrainian sky and No Fly Zone has already received more than a million votes from residents of different countries. The whole world understands the importance of protecting the Ukrainian sky. Now is the time for all democratic governments that share the values ​​of human life to prove their humanistic ideas. On behalf of the millions of Ukrainians who have been in shelters and bomb shelters since February 24, in memory of the more than 2,000 civilians killed by the Russian bombing, we call on the parliaments and governments of NATO member states to PROTECT THE UKRAINIAN SKY!

Save the lives of thousands of Ukrainians! Save humanity! Help stop this war!

Signatories of the statement:

  1. Center for Civil Liberties
  2. ZMINA
  3. Human Rights Centre CHESNO Movement
  4. DEJURE Foundation
  5. Transparency International Ukraine
  6. ANTAC
  7. VOX Ukraine
  8. Center for Defense Strategies
  9. Bihus.Info
  10. Educational center ACREC
  11. All-Ukranian Association “Automaidan”
  12. Center for united асtions ​​
  13. Center for Political Studies
  14. Institute of Legislative Ideas
  15. Anti-corruption Headquarter
  16. Slidstvo.Info
  17. Crym SOS
  18. Fulcrum UA
  19. Invisible Crimean Human Rights Group ​​
  20. Platform for the release of Kremlin political prisoners
  21. Social Action Centre
  22. Crimean Tatar Resource Center
  23. Crimean Tatar Youth Center
  24. Center for political analysis and forecasting “Crimea”
  25. Kyiv educational center “Tolerspace”
  26. Crimean Center for Business and Cultural Cooperation
  27. “Ukrainian House”
  28. Editorial office of the newspaper “Crimean room”
  29. ISAR Ednania
  30. Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group
  31. Helsinki Initiative-XXI
  32. Environmental and Humanitarian Association ‘Green World’
  33. Digital Security Lab
  34. Ukraine StateWatch
  35. Detector media
  36. Human Rights House Crimea
  37. Human Rights House in Chernihiv
  38. Humanitarian studio “Wave”
  39. Man and Law Charitable Foundation
  40. SMART Media
  42. UCIPR, Ukrainian Center independent political research
  43. All-Ukrainian NGO “CC Human Right Defender”
  44. Cherkasy Human Rights Center
  45. Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Unio
  46. Truth Hounds
  47. Center for development and democracy
  48. Integrity UA
  49. Khmelnytsky initiative
  50. AutoMaidan
  51. Vinnychyna Institute for political&information research
  52. Media Initiative for Human Rights ​
  53. Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law
  54. Women’s Anti-Corruption Movement
  55. Khmelnytsky Reform Council Coalition
  56. Centre for Economic Strategy
  57. Sumy platform of reforms
  58. Community foundation SUMY
  59. Social Partnership Centre Civic platform “Act!”
  60. Public Bureau “Human Rights”
  61. Public Alliance “Women’s Political Action”
  62. All-Ukrainian NGO “League of Women Voters 50/50”
  63. NGO “Steps to the future”
  64. Women’s consortium of Ukraine
  65. Democracy Development Centre
  66. DLCO “Centre for International Security”
  67. Institute for Central Europe Center for Global Studies Strategy 21
  68. Euroatlantic course
  69. Ukraine crisis media centre
  70. Independent Anti-Corruption Commission (NAKO)
  71. Kyiv Security Forum
  72. CSO “School of Media Patriots”
  73. Center for social and economic research – CASE Ukraine
  74. Public Movement Faith Hope Love
  75. NGO “Civil Holding “GROUP of INFLUENCE”
  76. Women’s Information Consultative Center
  77. NGO “Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center”
  78. Gender Education Center OSUIA
  79. PA Institute for Local Democracy “Open society”
  80. CSO “Center for Entrepreneurship Development”
  81. NGO “Human Rights Vector”
  82. Svitlana Khodakova – a citizen of Ukraine
  83. NGO “ON EDGE” Luhansk oblast
  84. Human Rights Centre “Alternative”
  85. Civil Control Platform
  86. CSO “La Strada-Ukraine”
  87. CSO “D.О.М.48.24”
  88. SaveEcoBot / SaveDnipro
  89. CSO “Human Rights Platfrom”

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