18 April 2022, 17:56
5 years of research and cooperation: how did the war affect our cities and the work of the team?

For 5 years, we have been studying Ukrainian cities.

For 5 years, 100 Ukrainian cities have fought for primacy in transparency and accountability. Local authorities and the active community worked to improve their cities. Cities set ambitious goals and achieved them.

For 5 years, we have helped implement the best solutions and services for residents. We presented studies, conducted public presentations, advised on digitalization of services, data publication, attraction of investments, etc. The team held regular meetings with local authorities and active citizens and made changes with them.

Before the war, there were many victories. An unprecedented level of openness of municipalities is the result of painstaking work. Overall, over the 5 years of ranking, the average transparency of 100 cities increased by 62.2%.

With the onset of a full-scale war, the context of the perception of all victories has changed. The priorities and challenges have changed.

Occupiers destroy progressive modern cities or completely raze them to the ground. In cities such as Mariupol, many years of human effort are being wiped out. Once modern and progressive city, which is supposed to receive rewards, now receives bombs, shelling, hunger, thirst, and death.

Today, all cities have united to defend against the occupier, giving priority to the safety of people. Transparency and accountability have been overshadowed.

However, we must record how progressive, exemplary, and pro-European our cities were before the russian invasion began to restore and multiply all gains after the common victory over the enemy. We thank the cities for 5 years of cooperation.

We are thankful for continuing to work for residents during the war! We are sure to rebuild and restore everything. Meanwhile: we are holding on and keeping the defense each on their front.

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