06 May 2021, 13:22
Regional news digest. Issue 2

The Transparent Cities program is aimed at increasing the level of transparency and accountability of cities, as well as establishing an effective dialogue between the authorities and society. We are interested in spreading information about the best practices of openness of local authorities and launching new digital services; that is why we have prepared a digest of regional news for you regarding changes that are implemented at the local level. Please welcome the new issue.

Kherson. Launching the updated City Council website

Kherson City Council launches the updated website https://miskrada.kherson.ua/ Compared to the previous version, the website is now also designed for people with low vision. In addition, there is a separate section “Transparent Kherson,” which contains information, in particular, on the open budget of the city and municipal enterprises. So far, there have been no data in such important divisions as “Data on managers and recipients of budget funds of Kherson” or “Land auctions.” We hope this is due to the test mode of the new website.

Ternopil. A new Concept of Digital Transformation

Ternopil City Council has approved the Concept of Digital Transformation for 2021-2023. The document in particular envisages:

  • the development of the project “Cabinet of a Ternopil resident” with the expansion of the list of services and services that are provided online
  • the modernization of the official website of the city council
  • the development and popularization of e-democracy tools (electronic petitions, electronic consultations and surveys, public budget, school public budget, city bot, etc.)

Kharkiv. Land user's electronic cabinet

Kharkiv plans to launch electronic cabinet of a land plot owner. The city council notes that with the help of the cabinet, it will be possible to integrate land lease agreements into a unified system, as well as receive information about the payment of rent. It is assumed that citizens will be able to submit online documents on the conclusion, dissolution, termination of contracts and other legal relations in the field of land use. In addition, it will be possible to receive information online from the State Tax Service on declaration and from the State Treasury Service on the receipt of funds to the budget.

Poltava. New Geoportal of the Urban Development Cadastre

The website of the Poltava City Council allowed access to the Geoportal of the Urban Development Cadastre. Thanks to this service, you can view the master plan, as well as historical and architectural basic plan, get acquainted with the address register, and learn about planning restrictions and zoning of the city. The topographic plan shows each house, garage, or lighting pole that was installed at the beginning of 2020. The city council claims that the portal will help create a single bank of geospatial data of the city and optimize the process of making managerial decisions in the development and implementation of an integrated development plan.

Mariupol. The decision of the city council can be received by email

Residents of Mariupol will be able to get copies of City Council decisions online. To use the service, you need to open the portal of the Mariupol City Council and follow the link: http://surl.li/dlja. The application is made online, after which employees of the Council Secretariat Department send copies of the decision to the specified user's email address or by regular mail.

Vinnytsia. Municipal chatbot

In Vinnytsia, on Viber https://cutt.ly/KbqHjdY and Telegram https://t.me/smart_town_bot platforms, the municipal chatbot SVOI has been launched. You can use it to get answers to frequently asked questions, make an appointment in the Transparent Office, connect with the service to submit meter indicators, support the Budget of Public Initiatives project, and much more.

Kyiv. All parking lots in one app

The city app Kyiv Digital (https://kyiv.digital / start) has improved parking services and return services for evacuated cars. Motorists can get information and rates from municipal, intercept, and private parking lots in the city. Data about parking lots are downloaded from the Property Information and Analytical System. Drivers can find parking lots by number or location, view the number of parking spaces and rates, and set routes to parking lots. For private parking lots, the service provides information about parking rates and payment methods. A QR code was created for the evacuation service — now you can return your car without printing an application or additional documents.

Zaporizhzhia. Online service for receiving certificate on the registration place

Receiving certificate on the registration place for residents of Zaporizhzhia is now possible without visiting the district departments of registration of individuals of the Department of State Registration of Individuals. To do this, you need an electronic digital signature and to click on the link: https://km.drpzmr.gov.ua/service/24/general.

Odesa. Electronic interaction between ME Technical Inventory Bureau (TIB) and notarial system

Odesa introduces electronic interaction between notaries and ME Technical Inventory Bureau in the field of state registration of rights to immovable property and their encumbrances. Within the framework of cooperation, notaries independently send requests to the TIB for the necessary information (registration of inheritance, sale and purchase agreements) and receive information about registered persons in electronic form using an electronic digital signature.

Dnipro. Driver's profile for paying a fine for improper parking

By entering the vehicle number, drivers can get acquainted with their violation on the website of parking control inspections of the Dnipro City Council. Subsequently, information about the fine is displayed. To find out more detailed information about violations (with relevant photos), track, and pay fines, the driver needs to register their profile. The option to pay a fine generates a receipt in the profile automatically. The driver only needs to fill in the amount. All payments are automatically sent to the inspectorate.

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