06 April 2022, 13:11
Lviv during war: how life in the city changed

Lviv is a city that even before the full-scale invasion of russia's troops in Ukraine began to host thousands of residents from the east and north of Ukraine. Thus, even before February 24, some international organizations, IT companies, media, and foreign embassies relocated their offices to the city.

Currently, it cannot be said with certainty that any city is completely safe on the territory of Ukraine because russia is conducting missile and air bombardment in all regions. Lviv and the region suffered as well: oil depot and plant, Yavorivskyi polygon in the region, explosions in Radekhiv, etc. Nevertheless, Lviv has become a transit point for millions of Ukrainians to evacuate abroad or to other cities in the west of Ukraine, as well as a temporary shelter or even a new home. New realities — new challenges for citizens and local authorities. We reveal how the war has changed life in the city.

  • After the beginning of the war, evacuation trains began to run to the city from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kramatorsk, and other cities that are in the zone of active hostilities or in the zone of risk of hostilities.
  • The Lviv City Council adopted a decision on the construction of temporary housing for forcibly displaced Ukrainians. It is planned to build modular houses to provide temporary housing for about 20,000 internally displaced persons (hereinafter referred to as IDPs).
  • The city volunteer headquarters launched the “Now in Lviv” telegram channel with opportunities for forcibly displaced Ukrainians. In addition, the council is working to create a chatbot to inform IDPs about their different needs.
  • Lviv business, which supports forcibly displaced Ukrainians and the army, will be provided with benefits. Those establishments that work in municipal premises will not be charged rent from February 24.
  • Friendly sister cities from Poland supported Lviv. The city received 27 large low-floor buses and humanitarian aid from Polish cities. Moreover, Lviv expects to receive 5 more buses by the end of the month.
  • The city plans to launch free passes for public transport for IDPs. It will also allow for the analysis of mobility behavior.
  • The landscape designer of parks in Mariupol will be renovating city parks in Lviv. The specialist, from the city almost destroyed by the occupiers, will join the team of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources under the Lviv City Council. We believe that she will successfully share her experience with her Lviv colleagues, and after the victory she will create new urban spaces in the restored Mariupol.

This is not an exhaustive list of changes that have taken place in Lviv and that will remain in the near future. You can follow the updates on the city's Facebook page.

We thank our strong cities that keep the economy running and provide a solid rear for all who remain at the frontline. It is them who give us faith in a blossoming and strong Ukraine after victory.

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