01 August 2022, 18:41
Cities in the Rear: Chervonohrad

The rear cities in Ukraine actively support each other and work together to bring our victory closer. And today we'll tell you about Chervonohrad, which was ranked 18th in our Transparency Ranking. 

It is a city of region significance in Lviv Oblast, and is an important transport hub in western Ukraine. Chervonohrad district has sheltered more than 23,000 temporary migrants since the beginning of the war, in particular, the city helps them and people from other regions.

  • The Humanitarian Centre of Chervonohrad City Hromada on Humanitarian and Social Issues has been operating in the city since the first day of the war. More than 500 tons of humanitarian aid were sent to 79 destinations in Ukraine during this time, usually to Kyiv, Popasna, Voznesensk, Irpin, Dnipro. Foreign aid in the city was mostly received from Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.
  • Chervonohrad is actively assisted by the residents of its sister city Piskowice in Poland. They bring food, hygiene products, help with the purchase of thermal imagers and other things every week. Moreover, the Lithuanian city of Marijampole supports the residents of Chervonohrad and plans to conclude a permanent partnership agreement in the future.
  • Ukrainians who are forced to flee from the war are slowly recovering from the experience and thinking about their future. 244 IDPs have applied to the employment center of Chervonohrad, 127 of them have received the status of unemployed, and 60 have already found new jobs since the beginning of the year.
  • All interested people are taught paramedical emergency assistance here, including adolescents and children. They also train skills in handling weapons. And the city plans to develop hand-to-hand combat training in the nearest future.
  • Another important initiative is the holding of the language club “RozMova”. It brings together local Ukrainian language and literature teachers and IDPs who seek to learn the official language or improve their knowledge.

We are proud of our cities, which do everything possible to support the country in this difficult time.

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