24 May 2022, 16:14
Cities in the rear: how Drohobych lives during the war

Drohobych is ranked 4th in the 2021 Transparency Ranking of Ukrainian Cities.

And since the beginning of the war, the city has become a shelter for more than 14,000 internally displaced persons who have forcibly left their homes, fleeing from the bombs of moscow invaders. More than 800 people from Mariupol, several hundred displaced people from Bucha, Irpin live in the community. Let us share with you the successes of the city and active work in the conditions of war.

In the first days of the war, the Humanitarian Coordination Center was immediately created in Drohobych. Thanks to the active daily work, the Center managed to attract more than 475 tons of humanitarian assistance from Italy, France, Latvia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Germany.

A lot of assistance comes to Drohobych from Polish cities: Bytom, Rzeszów, Lublin, Przemyśl, Kraków, Dęblin, Sosnowiec, Krasnik.

All temporarily displaced persons are provided with housing, food, medical and psychological support, as well as daily useful leisure activities free of charge. 42 psychologists working both with groups of people and individually are involved in the work with IDPs.

Many specialists from the IT sphere have arrived in Drohobych since the beginning of the war. Therefore, a free coworking for displaced IT specialists has been opened in the city. 

A useful practice in Drohobych is to keep records of all organizations that work or are temporarily based on the territory of the community. Thanks to this, humanitarian and volunteer work is systematized, and the available resources are better allocated.

Drohobych City Council actively promotes the relocation of enterprises from “hot zones,” creating the necessary conditions for the displaced business to resume production. Thus, since the beginning of the war, the Department of Investment and Economic Development of the DCC has intensified work on objects that the community owns and formed the base of enterprises that can be used for business relocation. Production premises from 100 sq. m to 10,000 sq. m, as well as warehouses and administrative premises are available in the database.

We are proud of our cities that are doing everything possible to support the country in this difficult time.

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