12 July 2022, 18:49
Cities in the rear: how Vinnytsia lives during the War

Vinnytsia came 7th in our Transparency Ranking of Ukrainian Cities, and today it is a strong rear for civilian Ukrainians and servicemen.

  • The city has become a shelter for almost forty thousand IDPs. There is a charitable assistance center in the city to support internally displaced people. Food kits are issued here. More than 22,000 IDPs have already received the necessary assistance in the Center.
  • Vinnytsia continues to host enterprises of many cities, where their functioning is impossible due to constant hostilities. As of the end of June, the number of relocated enterprises in Vinnytsia has increased to 30, and sole proprietors — to 38. The business from Kherson and Luhansk oblast has relocated here. The main areas in which they work are energy, food industry, and IT.
  • Our cities support each other. Vinnytsia continues to help Kharkiv, which suffers from hostile attacks and regular heavy weapon fire. 180 tons of food and humanitarian aid have already been delivered there from Vinnytsia since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine.
  • Vinnytsia receives a lot of international assistance from European cities. The Polish cities of Radom, Bydgoszcz, Kielce are sending cargoes with humanitarian aid, which are subsequently distributed to help the IDPs. 
  • There are free spoken Ukrainian language courses for everyone in Vinnytsia. The number of people who want to improve their Ukrainian is quite impressive. People strive to speak their mother tongue fluently in everyday life, learn to express their thoughts easily, and remember how to spell.

Our cities are strong!


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