01 November 2022, 18:11
Berdychiv: The City of Reliable Rear

Ukrainian cities continue to work smoothly and be a strong rear of our state. Today, we are talking about Berdychiv, representative of the #cities_in_the_rear.

Berdychiv has been a shelter to a significant number of people evacuated from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where hostilities are conducted regularly. The city has sheltered about 4,000 internally displaced persons since the beginning of the war.

The Polish city of Siedlce has become a sister city of Berdychiv and continues to show its solidarity with Ukraine. The alert systems with a range of 7 km were sent from there to Berdychiv during the first days of the war. Thanks to them, it was possible to replace the old equipment with a more modern one.

Berdychiv hromada has received 11 tons of charitable assistance from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). The assistance is distributed between IDPs and locals of preferential categories. The Berdychiv City Hospital has also received 3 tons of cargo.

The active community of Berdychiv has initiated the derussification of the city streets. The city council has been presented with options for renaming the streets.

We support such an initiative and emphasize that it is important to derussify Ukrainian cities. Read more about the renaming of cities in our analytics.

94 residents of the Berdychiv hromada took part in the charity event “Give blood – save the life of the defender.” Blood centers receive additional orders from the Ministry of Health for the needs of the front, so, each donor is worth their weight in gold. 

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