27 May 2021, 11:37
My City Khmelnytskyi. What good practices are being implemented in the city?

Popularization of European values is not an empty word for Khmelnytskyi. In 2021, the city received a prestigious award from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), The 2021 Europe Prize. The organizers of the competition, among other things, drew attention to the openness of the city in attracting investment and implementing strategic projects.   

As for the positions of Khmelnytskyi in our Transparency and Accountability Rankings, everything is stable.

During the year, the city's position in the Transparency Ranking has not changed. Khmelnytskyi is on the 14th place with 68 points, although the city still managed to improve its indicators by several points.

In the Accountability Ranking, the city takes the 13th place with 15 points. This means that for the time being Khmelnytskyi is considered “unaccountable.”  

What areas are the most transparent in the work of the Khmelnytskyi City Council? These include “Housing policy,” “Budgeting process,” and “HR matters.” The least transparent is the “Procurement” area.

In terms of accountability, the city did not receive any points in nine areas. The best situation is with “HR matters,” “Financial assistance and grants,” as well as “Investments and economic development.”

What proper practices of transparency and accountability are being implemented in Khmelnytskyi?

  1. The city council has worked out a strategy for the development of Khmelnytskyi until 2025, considering the trends in the development of European cities.
  2. Electronic auctions are held in Khmelnytskyi for the sale of rights for placement of temporary structures for business activities. Announcements about such auctions are published in advance.
  3. The city has launched a unified information system My City which allows citizens to get electronic services, get acquainted with the Register of Municipal Property or find up-to-date lists of owners/tenants of land plots. https://mycity.khm.gov.ua/
  4. The city council's website has an electronic registration system for housing applications and displays an online queue. Citizens who are registered in the account of a resident of the My City platform can apply online.  
  5. Khmelnytskyi publishes information about investment objects/projects that the local authorities offer for implementation.
  6. The website contains information on the principles of forming financial remuneration for managers of municipal enterprises and associations.
  7. The city hosts open competitions for the distribution of funds between civil society institutions.
  8. Citizens can submit an electronic appeal to the city council and its executive bodies directly on the website. To do this, one needs to fill out a specialized form and select the desired method from the list to receive a response.

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