24 June 2020, 21:00
Nikopol in the Cities Transparency Rating

There is a category of cities in the Transparency Rating that are slowly but confidently working to improve their positions.

Recommendation by recommendation-and they are approaching the top of the City Transparency Rating. Among them is Nikopol. This city ranked 34th in 2019. And in 2017, it was on the 53rd! In points, the Nikopol City Council added almost 50% (53.1 points instead of 28.6 points).

In 2019, the city added the most points in these areas:

  • financial, material assistance and grants;
  • utilities;
  • land use and construction policy.

The city's geoportal has also recently been launched in Nikopol. Now potential investors can view full information about investment properties. Citizens-information about the legality of advertising and Mafs. And the government has received a convenient tool to make the city more comfortable, because the geoportal provides visual information about the problems that  are existing in the city's districts.

We remind that last week the team of the Transparent Cities program held an online meeting with residents and representatives of the government of Nikopol. You can see how the city's position in the Rating, the government's cooperation with the public, and the city's prospects were discussed here.

The event was held within the framework of the UNDP project "Civil society for the development of democracy and human rights in Ukraine", implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
The opinions, conclusions or recommendations are belong to the Western speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The United Nations development programme or other UN agencies.

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