28 November 2022, 10:37
Assessment of the Transparency and Accountability State of Cities is Changing

While defenders protect our freedom and independence at the front, the Transparent Cities team continues to support the sustainability and transparency of Ukrainian cities.

We strive to ensure that local governments remain a model of transparency, accountability, integrity, and efficiency despite current challenges and threats. Therefore, we will conduct an adapted research of the state of the cities’ transparency under martial law this year. 

Considering the context in which local self-government bodies operate today, the cities rankings for 2022 will not be conducted in a traditional format

The adapted analysis will cover the period from March to December 2022. The research will involve rear cities included in the list of 100 largest cities in Ukraine. Municipalities close to the demarcation line, as well as those that have been under occupation for more than 6 months, will not be assessed. The full text of the methodology will be published later on the official channels of the Program. 

A new and no less important direction of the Program was added to the main ones — the analysis of local policies and the engagement of citizens in decision-making: operational support to cities affected by russian aggression, due to the newly created special Support Fund. The team has also joined the Coalition of CSOs RISE Ukraine and participates in the creation of a systemic vision of rebuilding management.

At the same time, we continue to form an inclusive dialogue to ensure that CSOs, activists, and residents have unhindered access to information and the opportunity to effectively interact with the authorities. Our team emphasizes the importance of publishing open data, engaging residents in discussion, and decision-making. 

The Transparent Cities team continues to advocate for the derussification of citiestwinning, and transparency of housing policy. Read more about the results of our work on our website.

We are grateful to our partners in the field. We believe that indifference, position, and your proactivity make Ukrainian cities better and bring Ukrainian victory closer.

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