08 April 2020, 21:00
Pokrov Success Secrets. How to Be an Outsider and Become a Ranking Leader

Pokrov is one of the cities that led this year's Transparency Ranking. Although in 2017, the city scored 18.3 points out of 100 and occupied position 91, which was not particularly appealing.

It was difficult then to predict that just a year later, the city would be able to break into the top 5 of the Ranking. And after another year, it would beat million-plus cities and regional centers to share leadership with Drohobych.

What is the secret to Pokrov’s success?

Throughout 2018, thanks to the efforts of the City Council and cooperation with the social sector, the city has become a leader in points growth. Thus, Pokrov found itself on the 4th position and improved its performance in all 13 Ranking areas. In particular, the City Council has succeeded in significantly improving the transparency of municipal property management, the work of municipal enterprises and the participation of citizens in decision-making.

In 2019, the city added scores in the areas of housing policy, work of municipal enterprises, land use, and construction policy. It is because of this that Pokrov appeared to be on the first step of the City Transparency Ranking 2019.

Although the city has already won the championship, Pokrov still scored 79.1 points out of 100. This means that there is still room for further growth. Given the tight competition in the Ranking, the city should actively work on openness this year as well. We encourage the City Council to pay attention to the transparency of the budgeting process, municipal enterprises, social services, investments and economic development.

Detailed information about Pokrov’s points is available here.

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