18 August 2021, 11:11
What's new in cities? Regional news digest No. 6


Investment attractiveness of the city

At the forum Ukraine-30. Decentralization, mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boichenko noted that decentralization became the main ground for engaging international investors and reboot the city. Of particular importance for the “Mariupol effect” were the existence of a long-term development strategy, effective budget management, and transparency of all processes.

New approaches to reviewing electronic petitions

In Mariupol, at the session of the city council, MPs approved the restart of the Electronic Petition Service. According to the new rules, district-scale petitions will be considered if 250 votes are collected within 30 days, and citywide petitions must collect at least 1.5 thousand votes in 60 days.

Increasing the transparency of local authorities

During the XVI Ukrainian municipal forum, mayor Vadym Boichenko spoke about the main steps of the city that contributed to the improvement of the transparency level in Mariupol. Among them are:

  • joining the ProZorro and ProZorro.Sale systems;
  • opening of the largest social office in Ukraine — Multicenter;
  • cooperation with promising international organizations, for example, the European Investment Bank.


Holding A Forum of Good Deeds

Kramatorsk hosted the Forum of Good Deeds, organized by the Golda Meir Institute for Civil Society Development. The event discussed several opportunities for the development of civil society in the frontline territories of Ukraine and engaging the public in the development of their city.


Creating an Open Data Portal

A new Open Data Portal starts working in Dnipro. Thanks to the functioning of this portal, residents will have wide access to public information, which will contribute to innovative development and prevent manifestations of corruption.


Interaction between the authorities and the public

Secretary of the Poltava City Council Andrii Karpov establishes communication with the public through daily broadcasts on Facebook. During the broadcasts, the representative of authorities answers all questions related to the political situation and the life of the city.


Meeting of the regional council “in the restricted access mode”

In Zhytomyr, a regular meeting of the regional council was held “in the restricted access mode.” 50 issues of the agenda were submitted for consideration. It was possible to track the course of the session through a live broadcast on the “YouTube channel of the Zhytomyr Regional Council.”


Testing officials

From July 15 to August 15, employees of the executive bodies of the Brovarska amalgamated community were required to pass the national digital literacy test. According to the results of the audit, each official received a national certificate on the level of digital literacy.

Implementation of the Unified School Information and Communication System

Starting from September 1, schools in Brovarska AC will start using the Unified School System. Among the main features of this system, it is worth noting the introduction of electronic journals, diaries, and reports for educational authorities.


Creation of a new dual education center

The city signed a “Cooperation agreement” between the Department of Education and Science of the Sumy Regional State Administration, the NIKMAS concern, and the Sumy Center for Vocational Education. This was the first step for the development of the Dual Education Center project that would contribute to the emergence of highly qualified specialists with practical experience in enterprises.


Information and Resource Center of National Communities

After Nizhyn became one of the top five cities that became partners of the Council of Europe's project “Protecting national minorities, including Roma, and minority languages in Ukraine,” new opportunities have opened up for the city. One of them is the creation of an initiative group of national minorities that will work on the creation of the Information and Resource Center of National Communities in Nizhyn.

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