14 December 2021, 15:12
What's new in cities? Regional news digest No.7

New parking lots, the e-ticket triumph, open auctions, and more green spaces; we are excited to see the cities' progress toward transparency, accountability, and comfortable living. We report on the highlights and prepare a new news digest.

Kyiv: The Kyiv City State Administration Transport Infrastructure Department established the Transport and Urban Mobility Department

The task of the Department is to organize the regular collection and analysis of the data about the traffic in the city. It included the Passenger and Traffic Management Departments and the Parking Inspectorate.
It is hoped that soon there will be clear boundaries of parking zones (center, pre-center, and bedroom suburbs), parking tariffs update, and convenient system of service payment.

Ternopil City Territorial Community is among the leaders in the use of e-consultations in Ukraine

Where in Ukraine is the public most actively engaged in the discussion of urgent issues? In Ternopil! 18 consultations, 98 polls, and 7 e-discussions on the drafts regulatory act were held on the Electronic Public Consultations service. This indicator makes the Ternopil City Council one of the leaders in the use of electronic consultations in Ukraine.
Together with Ternopil, the list of active users of e-consultations includes nine other communities, which together held more than 150 consultations, this being 65% of the activity of the total use of the e-consultation tool.

Khmelnytskyi has improved its level of investment attractiveness

The recent IBI rating shows that Khmelnytskyi's investment attractiveness has increased to the level of InvAA, which is an excellent indicator.
The activity of local authorities in improving the investment environment and development of entrepreneurship; qualitative changes in the work of local government representatives with investors contributed to this as well.

Vinnytsia is working on creation of paid municipal parking lots

A symmetrical response to cars abandoned in inappropriate places: municipal paid parking lots may appear in the city next year. The plan is to build several multi-level parking lots: near the railway station and the central market. The project provides for different parking costs depending on the zone (there are four planned). The cost of renting parking lots and their location are currently being determined.

The first public gardening budget is being held in Rivne

Citizens could submit for consideration projects on arrangement of green areas, urban spaces, and yards of multi-story buildings, planting of perennial plants and biodiversity, creation of bicycle lanes, drainage systems, green stops, parking lots, fences, etc. The budget of UAH 3 mln is provided for realization of the winning projects.
This money is divided: UAH 2 mln is for two large projects and UAH 1 mln is for small ones (UAH 600,000 for nature-oriented projects and UAH 400,000 for green urban spaces improvement projects).

The Procedure for removing trees, bushes, lawns, and flower beds was presented in Mariupol

Another eco-initiative. The new document provides for a single procedure for removing trees, bushes, lawns, and flower beds within the Mariupol community settlements.
Now, applications for trees removal or pruning can be submitted to the Administrative Service Centers on the basis of photographic evidence. A special commission will go to the site and coordinate the work. Seals with individual serial numbers will be fixed on trees in the city. And a separate section will be created on the official website of the City Council to geolocate and record the trees that need to be cut down, pruned, and replanted.

More than 700 e-ticket validation systems are already operating on Lviv's public transport routes

E-ticket takes over transport!
“722 Lviv public transport vehicles are equipped with an electronic ticket (AFC), namely: 722 driver consoles, 722 printers and 2,251 validators,” said Roman Lev, head of the automated fare collection system department in the LME “Lvivavtodor.”

The Ivano-Frankivsk City Council Executive Committee has successfully passed the re-certification audit

Ivano-Frankivsk is actively working to be rightfully called a city of open government. Back in 2008, the city introduced a quality management system and, together with Lutsk and Vinnytsia, took a course to increase the efficiency of the executive branch agencies and provide high-quality administrative services to the population. According to the results of the audit by international experts, the activities of the Ivano-Frankivsk City Council Executive Committee in the administrative services' field are recognized as meeting the requirements of international standards.
Besides, there is a positive dynamics of public satisfaction growth with the city council executive bodies' work and the growth of a city positive image. Moreover, a new international quality certificate is issued. Odesa holds an electronic auction for sale of the small-scale privatization objects The Municipal Property Department of Odesa City Council announced an electronic auction for the sale of small-scale privatization objects of municipal ownership of the Odesa territorial community. This means that it will be easier to get to the auction, the auction will be held openly, and the objects will be sold at the market price.

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