01 July 2021, 16:11
What's interesting in the cities? Regional news digest No. 5

The transparent Cities program is aimed at increasing the level of transparency and accountability of cities, as well as establishing an effective dialogue between the authorities and society. We are interested in spreading information about the best practices of openness of local authorities and launching new digital services that not only make cities more transparent and accountable, but also simplify the lives of citizens. So, what's been interesting in the regions over the past couple of weeks?

Support for community digitalization

The Ministry of Digital Transformation and the SCO SocialBoost have developed a course “How Can a Hromada Become Digital” as part of the USAID DOBRE program. These are practical recommendations, tips, and tools for digitalization at the amalgamated community level. Participants will be able to learn how to create a community website, what community and territory branding is, how content (photos, texts, presentations) affects the digital image of the community, and how the community can connect with target audiences through social networks. You can take the course for free at the link.

Kyiv. Creation of a center for countering information threats

The capital will create situation center for countering information threats within the framework of the comprehensive City target program “Electronic Capital” for 2019-2022.

The center's activity will be aimed at countering information and cyber threats that provoke acute social problems, as well as financial and economic instability, according to MPs of the Kyiv City Council.

Kropyvnytskyi. Development of an electronic platform for small and medium-sized businesses

In Kropyvnytskyi, the implementation of the project to support small and medium-sized businesses has started, which is called “Business Kropyvnytskyi online (BusinessKrop-online).”

In six months, a free electronic platform will be created that will contain up-to-date information about existing enterprises, institutions, and organizations in Kropyvnytskyi in the context of economic sectors/focus areas with a mark on an interactive map.

Drohobych. Launch of the e-service “Analytics of MPs' activity”

On the portal of Drohobych City Council, the e-service “Analytics of MPs' activity” has started working.

Users of the service can get information about which party and faction the MP belongs to, which commission they work for, what projects they are the author of, whether they attend session meetings, what decisions they vote for and how they vote, whether they adhere to faction/party discipline. In addition, you can get acquainted with the draft decisions that are reviewed at the session, adopted decisions, and roll-call voting lists.

Mariupol. The launch of the M. START business incubator

Mariupol City Center for support and development of small and medium-sized businesses invites you to join the M. START business incubator. Young entrepreneurs will be able to improve their knowledge and skills of doing business, writing a business strategy, analyzing the market, managing projects, promoting ideas, and so on.

Ternopil. Expanding the functionality of the Nazar chatbot

City bot “Nazar,” which has been operating in Ternopil for more than a year, has another feature. From now on, through the city chatbot, residents of the community can quickly get all the information about the registration of a personalized electronic ticket “Social card of Ternopil resident” and check the card balance.

Zaporizhzhia. Launching a digital service for people hard of hearing

The new online service allows hard of hearing visitors to receive better services and communicate with administrative service center (ASC) specialists without interference. The service was implemented by representatives of the city authorities together with the Public Movement “Social Unity” organization.

Online service is an interactive application that works online. The app is installed on a tablet. If necessary, the ASC administrator activates the application — and video communication takes place with a sign language interpreter, who acts as an intermediary between the user and the administrator in real time.

Lviv. Voucher support for small and medium-sized businesses

Lviv City Council has announced voucher support contest for small and medium-sized business entities. The voucher covers 50% of the cost of entrepreneurs' expenses, but no more than:

  • UAH 25,000 for sole proprietors;
  • UAH 50,000 for legal entities.

At the expense of these funds, enterprises can receive marketing and expert services for business development, entering new markets, passing product certification, and so on. Vouchers can also cover the cost of energy-saving projects.

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