16 August 2022, 17:48
War in Cities: what’s in Zhytomyr?

Zhytomyr ranked 19th in our Transparency Ranking of Ukrainian Cities 2021, and today it is a strong rear for Ukrainian civilians and military personnel.

The city is currently living under new conditions and dealing with new challenges. Despite periodic shelling, the situation in the city is controlled and relatively calm. Zhytomyr works and hosts internally displaced people from all over Ukraine.

  • There are about 8,500 refugees in Zhytomyr. In order to better provide them with housing, the Zhytomyr City Council, together with international donors, will build a “town” for internally displaced people.
  • The city will allocate a plot of land, lay communications, install foundationsб and beautify the area, while international donors will take care of financing and construction of the houses (https://zt-rada.gov.ua/?pages=15932).
  • Zhytomyr is ready to accept relocating businesses (the one that moves to safer regions in order to continue their work). The city has created a Telegram channel with offers for renting and selling premises: https://t.me/relocationZhytomyr
  • There is also a chatbot that provides the opportunity to learn about the potential of the community, its economic attractiveness, and to address issues of relocation:https://t.me/RelocationinZhytomyt_bot
  • Since the beginning of the war, European cities have actively supported Zhytomyr. Recently, they signed a protocol of cooperation with the Polish city of Płock (the sister city) and the Spanish city of Malaga.
  • Great attention is paid to restoring the emotional state of internally displaced persons. So, in Zhytomyr, the sociopsychological support project “Poruch” (“Nearby”)  is implemented to help children affected by the war. The project includes psychological support groups, art therapy, workshops, development of healthy eating and sports activities (https://zt-rada.gov.ua/?pages=15809).
  • The Zhytomyr City Community has been providing social and psychological services to people and families affected by russian military actions and relocated to Zhytomyr since May.
  • It is already known that 10,000 students of Zhytomyr schools will study in-person rather than online in the new academic year, which is almost 38% of the total number.

We're proud of our cities, which are doing their best to support the country in this difficult time.

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